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Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!

Welcome to O Young’s Rock Pot

Chef O Young has teamed up to open one of the most exciting restaurants in Gardena.

Our specialty is delicious cuisine created with the ingenuity and passion inspired by the fantastic flavors of Chinese itself. We take great pride in improving upon your favorite Chinese dishes in new and creative ways.

Discover Our Menu

The menu is a mix of China regional cuisines, and the menu changes with the seasons.
Be sure to ask about the daily specials!

Sample Menu


Xiao Long Bao
Premium quality pork paired with the piquant aromas of fresh ginger and green onion


Beef Short Ribs Rock Pot
Short Ribs cooked in soup with rice cake, chinese napa, carrot, cabbage and corn


Pumpkin Cake
Fresh fried sweet pumpkin cake

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To book a table, call us (310) 817–4231 or use the form below.